Yellow Green Red reviews John Collins McCormick’s ‘Ad for Nails’ LP

Yellow Green Red reviews John Collins McCormick’s ‘Ad for Nails’ LP:

John Collins McCormick

Following the Waxy Tomb album, Gilgongo continues to release music by visual artists who also like to get a little noisy. This one comes from John Collins McCormick (any relation to Daniel Martin McCormick??), who likes to play the drums while surrounded by half-dying motorized objects and sound buzzers. I’ve never tried it myself, but it sounds like a great deal of fun, and the occasional frenzy worked up on here seems to confirm the good time McCormick is having. On the a-side, McCormick dips and dives into his traditional drum kit while small crackly piles of dust shift and blow around the room, almost as if he’s improvising in tandem with some junk on the floor. The flip side, titled “How To Consider It Done”, is less obviously percussive, and more of a spontaneous field recording of dollar-store wind-up toys falling on their sides, TV interference, chatter of passers-by and the like, very much in tune (or anti-tune) with the Shots album that is discussed below. It’s almost as if music has stopped being a sufficient escape from reality, so artists who enjoy pursuing the furthest reaches of acceptable sound documentation are more and more drawn toward the Kye Records style of ecstatic arbitrary nothingness, forever circling a zen-like black hole. Perhaps you can relate.


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