Dusted on Sandy Ewen’s ‘You Win’ LP via their “Mid-year Exchange”

Sandy Ewen — You Win (Gilgongo)

Who picked it? Bill Meyer

Did we review it? No.

Andrew Forell’s take: Experimental guitarist Sandy Ewen appears as much concerned with space as sound. On You Win, she treats her instrument as pure object to explore the minutiae of its potential. Patterns emerge like communications from distant galaxies or the gradual shift and warp of old buildings. The 5 tracks scrape and rumble as occasionally identifiable guitar sounds — feedback hum, plucked strings — flicker from the mix. Best heard through headphones, You Win demands concentration lest one misses the nuanced denaturing and subversion of Ewen’s work, which is as fascinating as it is challenging.  


Available NOW on Gilgongo Records: https://gilgongorecords.storenvy.com/


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