Cvlt Nation on Soft Shoulder’s ‘Aerosol Can Stand’ 7″

Refresh Your Quarantine With Soft Shoulder’s Aerosol Can Stand 7″: Stream + Video
Arizona legends Soft Shoulder have a new 7″ out and frankly, its a been a much needed sigh of relief. As the days all blend together it seems only fitting that Aerosol Can Stand would deliver a calming yet challenging take on post-punk much akin to favorites like Unwound, The Fall and The Homosexuals. Bold bass lines and distorted vocals paired with an atmosphere that mimics a bedroom with some really good mics strategically placed throughout it. Soft Shoulder manage to make a mere two songs feel like a deeply immersive LP. A trait that would normally make for an intolerable release is exactly what makes Aerosol Can Stand shine in the oversaturated marketplace of post-punk and post-punk adjacent bands.


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