Phoenix New Times on Soft Shoulder’s “Thin Red Straw” from the ‘Aerosol Can Stand’ 7″


Phoenix New Times on Soft Shoulder’s “Wellness Line” from the ‘Aerosol Can Stand’ 7″  re:

Soft Shoulder — “Thin Red Straw (High Tension)”
Hailing from Tempe, Soft Shoulder describe themselves as “post-punk/no-wave/junk-kraut,” which may invite just as many new questions than answers. If you’re trying to get to know this trio, then you need only devote four minutes listening to “Thin Red Straw (High Tension).” If you believe the band, this single (part of a 7-inch with “Wellness Line”) was born from the spontaneity of a haphazard “studio” session. But there’s a bit of control displayed here, and the band found an intriguing way to marry post-punk grit, no-wave nihilism, and the haunting drone of krautrock. Does such skill take away from the song’s sense of chaos and deeply disturbing vibes? No, it does not. Just please listen to this one away from small children and animals.


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