Terminal 11 ‘Slowly Advancing Minidisc Exorcism’ LP released 12/05/19


Released 12/05/19, ‘Slowly Advancing Minidisc Exocism’ is a high quality, stereo, single-sided lathe cut / art object from Terminal 11, long running project from Arizona’s Michael Castaneda. Order here: Gilgongo Records on Storenvy.

“Slowly Advancing Minidisc Exorcism was originally released in digital format by Sibilants in 2018 and is now released as a 25 edition stereo lathe by Gilgongo. The cover is the original artwork for the digital release and inside you’ll find the lathe, a variant print of the cover specific to your copy, and a print showing all 25 variant covers.

Having an emotional attachment to the sounds sourced in my music has been a consistent theme since I started experimenting in 1999. These samples act as bookmarks for points in my life, good and bad, that are meaningful to me. During my youth I recorded these moments on minidisc from 2001-2006, without any solid plan for what I would make with them. This resulted in 50 mostly unlabeled minidiscs. When Sibilants asked me to produce a piece of music for them last year, I decided it was time to sort through them and use whatever sessions sparked the most memory for me. Contained within this music is a trip to the casino with friends, a zither my Aunt Lois gave me that she originally found in a dumpster, various sounds sourced from old jobs, a grandfather clock, chopped cilantro, cicadas, wind chimes, my Aunt Rita whipping breakfast eggs, several drum sets, many of the breaths taken while continuing to do all of this, and the mechanics of the recorder itself that interrupt most of these sessions, due to the microphone being attached incorrectly. The whole process of creating this was therapeutic for me, and I hope you enjoy listening to this slice of my life.” – Michael Castaneda, 2019

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